Fishing boat used for cod fishing in Lofoten

Arctic Cod Fishing in Lofoten

Fishing in Lofoten has a long tradition and has been the most important industry in Lofoten for centuries. Experience real deep-sea fishing from a traditional fishing boat with us in Live Lofoten.

Deep-sea fishing in Lofoten offers a varied catch, depending on the season. In March and April, you can experience the legendary cod fishing; when the cod come to spawn, there is an abundance of fish in Lofoten. In May and June, flounder and catfish are a coveted catch; perhaps a well-grown spring cod bites the hook. In the summer months, the hunt for big saithe starts; it can give you a real fight when it bites the hook. In the autumn, one can expect a varied catch; both halibut, haddock, and saithe can bite on the hook.

If you want to try deep-sea fishing, we have several daily departures. Our locally known captain knows where to find the best fishing spots, so you have the best opportunity for a good catch.  Fishing equipment is included in the price.

DatesDaily 10:00 and 14:00
Min. pax4 persons
Max. pax12 persons per boat
Duration3 hours
Prices1190 NOK per person
Protective gearIncluded

Minimum age is 10 years old.

Man and woman holding cod on arctic cod fishing in Lofoten
Fishing cod in Lofoten

Arctic Cod Fishing

If you want to book Arctic Cod Fishing in Lofoten or have any questions regarding this activity please use this contact form.